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one. Very long skinny lamina of bone in the orbital plate of your ethmoid articulating with the inferior turbinate.

Then most of us must do our part to have interaction the officers and our Neighborhood, and keep everyone accountable within the process.

calcaneal process of cuboid bones a process projecting posteriorly through the inferomedial angle in the cuboid bone that supports the anterior calcaneus.

refine - treat or put together to be able to place inside a usable ailment; "refine paper inventory"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

Process management (Project Management) , a systematic series of things to do directed in the direction of triggering an final result in engineering things to do or project administration

loved ones p's the psychosocial, physiological, and spiritual capabilities and associations throughout the family device; nursing diagnoses contain dysfunctional family processes: alcoholism and interrupted relatives processes.

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The review inhabitants is exclusive in two respects : their participation during the accreditation process and they finish with a formal qualification.

a distinct subtask of a pc procedure which may be considered to be proceeding in parallel with other subtasks with the system

The narrow Component of the base with the occipital bone, in front of the foramen magnum, articulating While using the sphenoid bone. Synonym: pars basilaris ossis occipitalis

ethmoid process a bony projection above and at the rear of the maxillary process of your inferior nasal concha.

formulation, rule - (arithmetic) a typical course of action for fixing a class of mathematical troubles; "he determined the higher bound with Descartes' rule of indications"; "he gave us a general system for attacking polynomials"

b. The list of steps and gatherings that represent a authorized proceeding or a significant portion thereof: the indian visa trial process; the sentencing process.

A horn-shaped process from the mastoid percentage of the temporal bone extending downward and forward behind the exterior auditory meatus. It serves for attachment in the sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, and longissimus capitis muscles.

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