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genetic fingerprinting, genetic profiling - the technique of examining the DNA in samples of somebody's entire body tissue or human body fluid for the goal of identification

→ عَمَلِيَّة proces proces Verfahren διαδικασία proceso prosessi processus proces processo 過程 과정 proces prosess proces processo процесс process กระบวนการ işlem quá trình 过程

tuberosity, eminence, tubercle - a protuberance over a bone specifically for attachment of the muscle mass or ligament

alveolar process, alveolar ridge, gum ridge - a ridge that forms the borders of your higher and decrease jaws and includes the sockets from the tooth

caruncle, caruncula - an outgrowth on a plant or animal like a fowl's wattle or maybe a protuberance near the hilum of specific seeds

processing - planning or putting via a prescribed process; "the processing of freshly arrived immigrants"; "the processing of ore to get minerals"

pseudopod, pseudopodium - non permanent outgrowth employed by some microorganisms being an organ of feeding or locomotion

Thesaurus: synonyms and linked words Relocating Carefully on foot amble blow flow into dumbwalking flâneur gently meander mincing mooch mosey plod potter promenade saunter slink stroll stroller tiptoe wander See far more results »

Any of 3 indian visa pairs of bony processes on the highest of the human body of the sphenoid bone, overhanging the edges in the sella turcica.

epicondyle - a projection over a bone previously mentioned a condyle serving for the attachment of muscles and ligaments

Adiabatic process, which proceeds without transfer of warmth or matter concerning a procedure and its environment

Management acknowledges it is important to have the process ideal even when this means delaying the challenge begin day.

Manufacturing process management, a set of systems and approaches accustomed to define how products and solutions are being made.

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